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Here at Tonto Rim Christian Camp, you’ll get to Experience God at 6,000 feet. Nested just beneath the Mogollon Rim, Tonto Rim is the perfect place for your next retreat.

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Delicious Meals


Lots To Do


Family Winter Weekends

Bring your loved ones to TRCC this for a night or two this December and make incredible mountain memories together! Your fun family get-away will be filled with lots of free things-to-do, delicious buffet meals, and special Christmas activities!

Light It Up Youth Winter Camp

Light always conquers darknesses and makes it flee. Are you tired of being in the dark or afraid to bring your light into the dark? If you are in the 7th through 12th grade, join us this February at Tonto Rim Christian Camp as Dave Brown sheds light on how you can let Jesus’ light fill you and free those around you! Through incredible stories, sweet games, great food and amazing people we want to help you get lit up for God!

Valley View Bible Church has used this christian camp site for 2 years now and we loved it. The cabins are in close range to the mess hall and we also found it cleaner and somewhat newer then other camps. Cant go wrong here!

Michelle Higgins Teele

Leader, Valley View Bible Church

Beautiful natural surrounding, Beautiful people, and an all around Christ-filled experience. Our students had a great time. So thankful to the TRCC staff for a wonderful time.

Leanora Gloria Rosales


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