How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Tent

Let’s face the facts – while there are many people around the world that enjoy camping, most hate the annoying bugs and pests that can spoil your experience with the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, bugs and insects are part of the glorious package that is nature. But what if you are able to keep pesky insects out of your tent?

Here is an infographic that will show you how to keep bugs out of your tent.

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What Are the Parts Of A Camping Tent?

When camping in the great outdoors, your tent is your castle. A camping text provides protection from the elements and ensures privacy from those around you.

While most campers are satisfied enough in being able to successfully set up their tents, fewer know and understand the different parts of a tent and their purpose. Here is an infographic that looks at the different parts of a camping tent and how they work.

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What Type of Tent Should I Buy?

Camping has always been a favorite outdoor activity for many Americans. Tents are essential to this outdoor activity as they ensure that you have a roof above your head.

While seasoned campers may prefer to sleep with the elements, tents serve as a contingency plan should anything go wrong and require you to seek shelter. They also serve as a storage space for any of your personal effects and belongings.

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What Is Global Forest Watch and How To Use It

The overall health of our trees and forests can also be a general indicator of the overall health of Earth, its atmosphere, and its biosphere. Because the Earth is currently the only planet we have to inhabit, we should care about the things that make for a healthier planet…including its trees and forests.

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4 Plants to Avoid on Your Next Camping Trip

Unless you are camping on a sandy beach, you will no doubt come across as sorts of plant-life. Many plants you will encounter are completely harmless, However, there are also many that you will want to avoid. Coming into contact with them could bring your camping trip to an early conclusion.

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A 5-Point Guide to the Perfect Campsite Setup

Besides location , one of the most essential parts of a camping trip for many people is comfort. The level of comfort one will experience is often determined by how the campsite is set up.

Here a visual 5 step guide to setting up the perfect campsite with a textual version below. Apply these practical tips and you’ll increase the opportunity to have a safe, fun, and comfortable camping experience.

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Ditch the Tech: Spend More Time Outdoors

Today’s digital technology is great! PCs, tablets, smart phones, television and the list goes on. But are we spending too much time with technology? The recent Pokeman Go fade was praised for many reasons, one of which being that it prompted people to “get outdoors” and experience real life. However, even this cannot compete with the real outdoors. Camping is one of those “real outdoors” adventures where tech can often interfere with.

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Camping With the Kids

Camping with kids can be a great experience. However, to make sure everything goes smoothly and you have the best time, a few things need to be considered. For example, you’ll want to make sure you do your research ahead of time, prepare a checklist so you don’t forget anything, and even plan for some fun games and activities.

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