Camping Trends Fact Sheet in U.S.

Camping is considered as one of the best activities that connect people with the wilderness of the nature. The activity offers unique challenges along with new experiences that help campers connect with each other and improve their social connectivity. Camping for children is regarded as the best choice to improve their social skills and it offers them many ready-made playmates.

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10 Tips On Sleeping Warm While Camping

There’s nothing worse than freezing in your tent on a camping trip. You’ll be deprived of the rest you need for other camping activities. Besides, freezing to death in your tent is simply a downright painful experience. Been there; done that! Here are ten tips that will help you keep warm the next time you go camping.

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The ‘Tent’ Commandments

While camping is a great outdoor experience, there are some downsides – mainly “the tent.” Setting it up, keeping it warm and other situations are commonly associated with tents. However, by follow these ‘Tent’ Commandments, you can help make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible. This list of ten top camping tips for having fun in the great outdoors has been complied by seasoned campers who have survived their fair share of nights under canvas, and also experienced all the fun and peril that goes with it.

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History (and Future) of Summer Camps

Tech Camps has uncovered some history about summer camps (along with information on where the industry is headed) and put together the following infographic.  It is made up of important dates in summer camp history and explains the significance of summer learning loss, while also touching on ways summer camps can be used to build competitive advantages.

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7 Types of Campers

Many types of people find themselves stuffed into a car along with sleeping bags, tents, snacks and the like, on their way to experience the great outdoors. From nature lovers to the mall rats and everywhere in between, camping holds something for everyone. This infographic,  features seven common types of campers. Do you fit into one of these molds?

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The Power of Camp

The following infographic, originally produced to promote The Power of Camp campaign, paints a picture of why it can be so beneficial to get children of all ages involved in camp. First you will discover some alarming statistics on how much time today’s youth spend on media as well as some health issues they face largely due to inactivity. This is followed by the benefits of attending summer camp and the impact it can have on a child’s life.

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