Returning Summer Staff Application

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Returning Summer Staff Application

  • Returning TRCC Summer Staff Team Members are very special individuals! They are people who have been blessed and have been a blessing to others through the ministry of TRCC...and who now desire to return for another season of ministry because they are ready to grow deeper, carry more responsibiolities, and have an even greater impact for the Kingdom. And while it might seem "comfortable" to return to something one knows, life is never stagnant--but always moving, changing, and developing--so another summer at TRCC is a NEW opportunity for God to work in and through you! If this is who you are and how God is leading you, please complete and return this simplified application to TRCC.

    Summer Staff Arrival Day: Sunday, May 19, 2019, 3-5 pm
    (Training begins at 8:30 am on Monday)
    Summer Staff Final Work Day: Sunday, August 11, 2019


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