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American Outdoor School/Genesis Account

TRCC is now offering Arizona outdoor science camp for kids educational programs for both public and private Christian schools in partnership with American Outdoor School/Genesis Account! Natural science and Environmental Education topics are taught from a stewardship perspective. Subjects included are from the disciplines of biology, geology, astronomy, zoology, botany, ecology, conservation, nature study, and outdoor recreation skills. Genesis Account curriculum is designed to reinforce science concepts learned at school through experiential education, since studying the natural environment cannot always occur within the classroom setting. Students are provided with a working manual, which is their tool for learning, to apply the concepts that they have been taught by collecting specimens, conducting experiments and recording observations. The outdoor science camp curriculum is designed for grades five through eight, utilizing observation, classification, investigation and analytical skills, as seen in the overviews below.

Program overview

TRCC has several distinctive attributes which set us apart from other educational science camp for kids programs:

  • Our facilities are cozy with a variety of bunk-style cabins for students and upscale housing for leaders.
  • We are tucked nicely under the Mogollon Rim with access to plenty of forest and natural hiking.
  • Our food service is like none other. We offer 3 hot meals a day with cocoa and hot coffee available 24/7.
  • We seek to integrate team building and adventure experiences with the Outdoor Education program so your student can grow not only in their knowledge of their creator and his creation, but in fellowship as a class.
  • Our schedules tend to be highly structured and fast paced with very little free time so the students don’t get bored.
  • Our classes are interactive and are almost never in the sitting position or in lecture format.
  • We plan our program to meet your needs and intended learning objectives.

What do students learn?

The well developed curriculum is specifically designed for public and private Christian schools. Every set of curriculum meets Arizona state standards.

  • DISCOVERERS (5th Grade) focuses on using human senses to observe and understand the natural environment and its living and non-living parts.
  • EXPLORERS (6th Grade) concentrates on examining the nature around us to understand and appreciate interdependence within the world”s ecosystems.
  • INVESTIGATORS (7th Grade) ) is centered on collecting and analyzing data about the natural world, and defining humans’ role as stewards of the earth.
  • WILDERNESS SKILLS (6th Grade) is based on the concept that the natural environment can provide for our basic needs. Participants will utilize their surroundings to create shelter and warmth, navigate the wilderness, and find sustenance.

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